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Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance shown. Total return is calculated by determining the percentage change in NAV or market price (as applicable) in the specified period. The calculation assumes that all income dividends, capital gain and return of capital distributions, if any, have been reinvested as per the fund’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan in the case of market price total returns, or at NAV in the case of NAV total returns. Performance returns are net of fees and expenses. Neither total return reflects the deduction of taxes that a shareholder would pay on Fund distributions or broker commissions or sales charges in connection with the purchase or sale of Fund shares. Investment return and principal value will vary, and shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Total returns for a period of less than one year are not annualized.

1 Inception Date - December 22, 2010

2 Performance on a market value basis, or at a market price, will differ from its results at NAV. Although market price returns typically reflect investment results over time, during shorter periods, returns at market price can also be influenced by factors such as changing view about the Fund, market conditions, supply and demand for the Fund's shares, or changes in Fund dividends.

Fund Details

EDF's Objective

The Fund's primary investment objective is to maximize total return, which consists of income on its investments and capital appreciation. The Fund will normally invest at least 80% of its net assets (plus any borrowings made for investment purposes) in Emerging Markets Securities. "Emerging Markets Securities" include fixed income securities and other instruments (including derivatives) that are economically tied to emerging market countries, that are denominated in the predominant currency of the local market of an emerging market country or whose performance is linked to those countries' markets, currencies, economies or ability to repay loans. A security or instrument is economically tied to an emerging market country if it is principally traded on the country's securities markets or if the issuer is organized or principally operates in the country, derives a majority of its income from its operations within the country or has a majority of its assets within the country. There is no assurance that the Fund will achieve its investment objective.


  • Managed portfolio of emerging markets fixed income securities
  • Structured to maximize total return and high current income
  • Flexible asset allocation


  • Enhanced return potential versus traditional single sector emerging markets debt portfolios
  • Attractive total return and income potential with the possibility to diversify versus U.S. Dollar denominated assets


Ex-date Record date Payable date Amount Type Available Notices
Section 19a notice
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Distributions data is unavailable at this time.

The Distribution Rate on Market Price is based on the Fund's current annualized monthly distribution divided by the Fund's current market price. Sources of distributions to shareholders may include net investment income, net realized short-term capital gains, net realized long-term capital gains and return of capital. If a distribution includes anything other than net investment income, the fund provides a Section 19(a) notice of the best estimate of its distribution sources at that time, available at These estimates may not match the final tax characterization (for the full year's distributions) contained in shareholders' 1099-DIV forms after the end of the year. Distribution payments are not guaranteed; distribution rates will vary and you should not draw any conclusions about the fund's past or future investment performance from its current distribution rate.

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